Getting Started

Congratulations on boldly taking the first step to a beautiful and prosperous life for you and your family by inquiring into the Transitions 4 You, Inc. Program.

Our goal as an organization is to EMPOWER you in the best way we can to be able to become self-sustaining and a positive role model for those to come. We will work hard with you to becoming all that you were created to be and to EMPOWER you to be able to accomplish all your aspirations and desires.


In joining our program there are a few things that you must know:

  1. You are required to submit to a background check

  2. You are required to work one on one with one of our service workers

  3. You are required to work one on one with one of our designated financial partners with a budget, debt reduction and credit repair.

  4. You are required to submitt to a drug screening before being accepted into the program and at any given time that we believe there may be cause to do so.

  5. You are required to attend a set of mandatory workshop/classes that would be beneficial to you and your household.


We as an organization are excited to be able to walk with you on this journey and will do what is necessary (in our power) to help you become self-sufficient.

*Background checks and drug screening are mandatory, however, we do not exclude you from the program as long as you consent and take the steps required to break the addiction.



  1. Complete your Intake application

  2. Call the office 540-894-0100 to schedule an Intake appointment

  3. Meet with your Intake Service Worker

  4. Complete your drug screening (we will set up for you and provide transportation)

  5. Complete your background check release form